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Your Company’s Image is Important

You need a truck wash that is convenient and affordable. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience, but it can be hard to find the right service provider who can deliver both.… if you’re tired of looking for a company that will treat you right, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that you need a better option that allows you to keep your trucks clean without breaking the bank or sacrificing efficiency.

PSG provides an affordable solution that’s faster and more effective than traditional options and it won’t impact your bottom line. We make it easy to get a quality wash at any location with our mobile service, which comes equipped with specialized equipment designed specifically for cleaning commercial vehicles.

How PSG Can Help You

Washing trucks can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why our mobile service is so superior to others. It allows us to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality or efficiency. It’s an affordable way to keep your vehicles looking great while saving money on labor costs and making sure your trucks are always clean.

Here’s the difference:

  • We’ve built our mobile service to be faster and more effective than traditional options while maintaining your bottom line. 
  • Our equipment is designed specifically for cleaning commercial vehicles, saving you time and money on the long run. 
  • We’re committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Don’t believe me?

There’s a reason we have NEVER lost a client…

‘My drivers are very happy with your service. This is not always an easy task because they take so much pride in their trucks… It is very evident to me that you have created a team that is in complete alignment with your values of QUALITY & CUSTOMER SERVICE’.

Andre Carter
CTS Transportation

“Hands down the best truck wash company I’ve ever used, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Best service around! They show up when they say so and do an amazing job! 5 stars all day!”

Jon Hayes
Reinhart Food Service

I would like to say that I have never had vehicles cleaned as nice.  You do a fantastic job of cleaning our equipment and never leave a mess at out facility. We thank you and hope to give you more business in the future. 

Walter Nickells
Truckway Leasing

Through the last 15 years, we have used 3 different wash services for our fleet of box trucks. We were continuously dissatisfied with our cleanings and I had met with the owner of providence, Jason Smith. Jason assured us that they offered a better product and superior service with competitive pricing. We decided to make the change and what a difference. Jason has followed through with his commitment and we have had the best cleanings with consistency for a couple years now. We are overly satisfied with the service Providence supplies and look forward to a long lasting relationship. 

Jason Farley
Leaders Moving & Storage

6 years  ago we started looking for another company to handle our vehicle washing.   The provider we were using at the time couldn’t handle their billing properly and was calling all of the time saying we weren’t paying our bills.  Each time I would let them know we were paying our invoices on time and this went on for months and their customer service would be ever increasingly difficult to deal with.  I asked friends of mine what companies they used for their vehicle cleaning needs.  I inquired on a few but wasn’t sold on their pitch.   One of my friends called me and said I should check out Providence Services.  He said they were always on time and did a good job.  I called and talked with Jason and got a good feeling about this group and signed them up.  After 6 years I wouldn’t think about using anyone else.  I don’t ever have issues with invoices which is a positive issue for me,  his guys are always on schedule, and most importantly they make our trucks look great.  

Over the past 6 years we have a great relationship with them.  If we have something going on and need to move wash days they are always accommodating as well as we are if they have an issue that comes up.  We are always notified ahead of time if they won’t can’t make it that day and he always has a plan when to come back and get our trucks cleaned. 

Donald Billups
Comtex Laundry

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